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Mobile Development Blogs Every Developer Should Consider Following

Mobile Development Blogs Every Developer Should Consider Following

The mobile development world seems to change daily.

After all, there’s always a new device, framework, or "open source" framework. It can often have you scratching your head trying to keep up!

To help you stay up to date on the latest and greatest changes, here are some of the best mobile development blogs we recommend following, from native to cross-platform:

Posted by Lafe Low on Nov 21, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Cloud vs. On-Premises: The Debate Rages On

Cloud vs. On-Premises: The Debate Rages On

You think the 2016 presidential debates were contentious? Try sitting between a couple of IT guys debating whether they’re better off keeping their apps and data on-premises or stored in the cloud. When it comes to the topic of cloud vs. on-premises, things can get heated and ugly. I’d recommend wearing a helmet.

Actually, there are cost, security and operational benefits to consider for each approach. Every organization is different. Think of your company and what makes it unique. What do your day-to-day business operations look like? How much data are you managing? How fast is that data store growing? What’s your relative security posture and overall risk status? Your answers may be similar to other alike businesses, but ultimately they are uniquely yours. So do the smart thing and keep listening, keep researching, consult the experts, and formulate your own plan.

Posted by Lafe Low on Nov 3, 2016 11:00:00 AM

5 In-Depth Live! 360 Speaker Q&As on Office 365, PowerShell, Java & More


Excitement is mounting for this year’s Live! 360 event in Orlando, December 5 – 9.

Just in case you're not all caught up, here’s a recap of all the Live! 360 Q&A coverage the 2016 speakers have received recently:

John K. Waters, App Dev Trends Co-Conference Chair, Interview with Keyote Speaker Reza Rahman

In March we announced that ADTmag is participating this year in the very popular Live! 360 conference, scheduled for December 5-9 at Loews Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Orlando. This multi-conference conference comprises Visual Studio Live!, SQL Server Live!, Office/SharePoint Live!, Modern Apps Live!, TechMentor and now App Dev Trends 2016. (We don't have the signature exclamation point in this event title, but we're just as excited!)

Posted by Lafe Low on Oct 27, 2016 1:42:54 PM

3 of the Best Angular Books to Add to Your Developer Toolbox

3 of the Best Angular Books to Add to Your Developer Toolbox

While Angular has been around for a while, finding some good solid resources to support your Angular efforts can be a little tough.

Thankfully, Angular experts—some you may have heard of and some who may be new to you—have filled bookshelves across the world and the blogosphere with some excellent resources.

So to help you refine your skills with this framework, here are three of the best Angular books to include in your reading list:

Posted by Lafe Low on Oct 10, 2016 11:00:00 AM

3 DevOps Blogs Every Developer Should Follow

3 DevOps Blogs Every Developer Should Follow

DevOps is all the rage, a new “buzzword” you hear quite a bit these days. Actually, it’s not really a new buzzword, or even a buzzword at all. It’s a carefully considered name for what has been an evolving practice that makes good sense.

DevOps is essentially an evolution of development processes like Agile. It’s a more thoughtful, composed way of developing and deploying applications; much of which depends on automation.

TechMentor co-chair Don Jones elaborated on his take on DevOps at the last TechMentor. "DevOps actually is real," says Jones. "It's not something you can buy. It doesn't come with a contract. It is a real concrete thing. It is something you can do."

Posted by Lafe Low on Oct 3, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Navigate Mobile, Cross-Device & Cloud Development at Modern Apps Live! in Orlando

Navigate Mobile, Cross-Device & Cloud Development at Modern Apps Live! in Orlando

Last but not least of our Live! 360 conference chair blog “take-overs” features Modern Apps Live!, the very successful single-track conference devised by Rockford Lhotka and presented in partnership with Magenic, where he currently serves as CTO.

I happily turn over this post to him to explain the intricacies of modern apps, the need for end-to-end training and other benefits of attending Modern Apps Live!:

Modern applications leverage the power of all client devices from phones to tablets to desktops, new intuitive user experiences, the cloud, and your local computing resources to provide end users with the richest and best experience possible. This type of app is so compelling, and yet so complex to build, that we thought it was worth a conference unto itself.

Posted by Lafe Low on Sep 26, 2016 11:00:00 AM

A NEW Conference on App Trends: Agile, DevOps, Big Data, and So Much More

A NEW Conference on App Trends: Agile, DevOps, Big Data, and More

John K. Waters leads the charge on App Dev Trends 2016 as part of Live! 360 this December. Waters is immersed in all things high-tech and is the editor-at-large for App Dev Trends is launching as the in-person extension of the magazine’s audience, bringing the trending topics featured daily to life later this year in Orlando. Why should you attend? John explains here:

What do Agile development practices, containerization, continuous integration, cloud computing, enterprise mobility, DevOps, and Big Data have in common? They’re all top-of-mind industry trends that are creating new challenges right now for enterprise software professionals.

Posted by Lafe Low on Sep 19, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Covering SharePoint On-Premises, Office 365 and More, Join Us at Office & SharePoint Live!

SharePoint On-Premises, Office 365 or Hybrid: Why You Should Attend Office & SharePoint Live!

Whether you're a developer or IT Pro, training on SharePoint and Office 365 is essential to keep up with the business needs of almost every company out there. Andrew Connell and Matthew McDermott are taking over the post today to tell you why Office & SharePoint Live! should be your training of choice!

We are thrilled to invite you to Office & SharePoint Live!, an event that brings together the most informative and influential experts on Office 365 and SharePoint. This event shares no-hype, practical, independent perspectives about SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016 and Office 365.

The presenters and sessions we’ve selected to present at Office & SharePoint Live! in Orlando, Florida, on December 5-9 are best-in-class!

Posted by Lafe Low on Sep 13, 2016 11:00:00 AM

All Things Data: Reasons to Attend SQL Server Live!/Live! 360

Making Sense of All the Data: Reasons to Attend SQL Server Live!/Live! 360

Data seems to be on everyone’s mind these days, including how to harness it, protect it, and use it in the most effective way possible. That said, here are SQL Server gurus Don Jones and Andrew Brust with some insights on how SQL Server Live! can help you, and your company, lead the data race…

SQL Server continues to be a big deal for many organizations. And even as SQL Server itself moves into new versions, we continue to rely on a variety of versions to run all of our mission-critical line-of-business applications. It makes a DBA’s job messy, creates complications for developers, and fosters an overall environment of data chaos. But we’re here to help you reign in the crazy, make better use of your existing resources, and leverage new technologies as appropriate.

Posted by Lafe Low on Sep 6, 2016 2:45:03 PM

Don Jones & Greg Shields Take Over: Why You Should Attend TechMentor/Live! 360

Don Jones & Greg Shields Take Over: Why You Should Attend TechMentor/Live! 360

As a former editor of TechNet and Redmond Magazine, TechMentor is an event near and dear to my heart: no nonsense education, zero marketing speak and training on what you need to know NOW. To give you a better idea on what to expect, here are Conference Co-Chairs Don Jones and Greg Shields on why you should attend TechMentor/Live! 360

The end of another year approaches and with it the opportunity for another great week of TechMentor training. Co-located again this year with the Live! 360 conference, this TechMentor in Orlando is all about 2016 – Windows Server 2016, that is…

But that’s not all. This year’s TechMentor in Orlando spreads around the IT learning with an entire track on IT security and nearly an entire room dedicated to Windows PowerShell and DevOps. You’ll build a production-ready vSphere environment from the ground up. You’ll integrate Azure workloads into your network and your Active Directory. You’ll learn more about DirectAccess than you thought was possible. And, you’ll leave with some slick security tricks to protect yourself from the bad guys.

Posted by Lafe Low on Aug 29, 2016 11:00:00 AM